Ape Nation x Labs by Mutants

Labs by Mutants is now Non-Custodial Offchain Staking, your NFT's won't leave your wallet.

How to stake

- Go to and select the project you want to stake

- On the project's page go to "STAKING" - "ACTIVATE OFFCHAIN STAKING"

- Your NFTs are staked!

How to claim rewards

- Go to and connect your wallet;

- Click on "REWARDS"

- Check the balance and claim your tokens.


Are my NFTs locked?

No, if you Activated Offchain Staking your NFTs will still be in your Wallet.

Do I need to wait to claim my rewards?

No, as soon as you have one token to claim you are eligible to.

Do I need ADA to stake? Are there any fees?

Yes, we recommend you to have at least 10 ADA in your wallet to use the staking system. There is a one time Activation Fee and a Fee to Claim your Rewards

I'm getting an error message when staking my NFTs.

Most errors can be solved with this:

- Reset your collateral

- Use an incognito tab

- Send 10 ADA to yourself and try again.

If none of this works go to: and open a support ticket.

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