The Numbers...

$NATION will be distributed via Labs by Mutants Staking Platform, there is No Initial Distribution.

Max Supply The Maximum supply is 100 Million $NATION

Staking Rewards 75% of the supply 75 Million $NATION There will be 3 halving periods. Each halving reduces $NATION Staking Rewards by 50%. First Halving after 35% Staking Distribution (26,250.000) Second Halving after 60% Staking Distribution (45.000.000) Third Halving after 85% Staking Distribution (63,750,000) Liquidity 10% of the supply 10 Million $NATION CSWAP Allies Initial Minswap Liquidity (2,767,000) Bank of Nation 5% of the supply 5 Million $NATION

Treasury (Eco System / Project Development & Expenses, Additional Community Rewards) 7% of the supply 7 Million $NATION

Giveaways (Community Events / Twitter Giveaways) 2% of the supply 2 Million $NATION

Team / Advisors (Team 60% Locked for 3 Years / 30% Distributed over 3 Years, 10% Per Year, 2.5% Per Quarter / Advisors 10% Accessible as needed) 1% of the supply 1 Million $NATION

Token Burn (Graveyard Wallet) Any $NATION the Project receives via Utility Raffles, Auctions, Mints, Merch etc will be removed from circulation and placed in the Graveyard Wallet.

Staking Rewards by Collection:

Ape Nation Canopy Club (Ranks 1 - 1000) 5 $NATION per day Jungle Club (Ranks 1001 - 5000) 2 $NATION per day Congo Club (Ranks 5001 - 9999) 1 $NATION per day

Mutation Nation V1 Mutations 3 $NATION per day V2 Mutations 4 $NATION per day V3 Mega Mutants 75 $NATION per day Bloodline Canopy Club 17 $NATION per day Jungle Club 13 $NATION per day Congo Club 11 $NATION per day

BLING Ruby, Topaz, Emerald, Sapphire & Amethyst 3D Animated Chains* 15 $NATION per day BLING Limited Edition Bank of Nation Note 1 $NATION per day *Future Multipliers for OG Ape Nation, Mutation Nation & Bloodline Staking Rewards

Ordinals by Ape Nation (Token) Ordinals Token 10 $NATION per day

Ape Nation OG Club Card* Legendary 100 $NATION per day Epic 50 $NATION per day Rare 25 $NATION per day *Exempt from halving periods NFT's must be staked on Labs by Mutants. Partner Staking: CSWAP Allies 1 $NATION per day IDO Pass DAO Members Passes 1 $NATION per day Unbothered Wolves & Unbothered Lycans 1 $NATION per day

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